UGIWM Vision Statement

The vision of Unveiling Glory In Worship Ministries is to see people and families restored in spirit, soul and body; educated in sound doctrine; and trained to accomplish The Great Commission set forth by Jesus Christ. UGIWM will also provide a holistic worship experience, aimed at stimulating ones desire to be closer to the Father, while establishing itself as a beacon of light and resource center for the community. This will be accomplished through unwavering commitment to Christ and His principles with love, compassion, integrity and the spirit of excellence.

UGIWM Mission Statement

Unveiling Glory In Worship Ministries mission is to assist in the advancement of the Kingdom of God, its people, and principles locally, nationally and around the world.


• Restoration- To restore and bring new life, vision and hope to those who have been crushed by the cares of this life.

• Education- To educate people in God’s Word and principles, thereby empowering them to live a victorious life in Christ Jesus.

• Training- To prepare and train people on how to “be about my Father’s business,” teaching them how to flow in the “Gifts of the Spirit” while doing the work of the ministry.

• Evangelism- To take the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world locally, nationally and internationally, where others can enjoy the benefits of the Kingdom.

• Community Outreach- To go out into the community and provide “everyday” services, aimed at preparing people for the daily challenges of life.

• Resource Center- To serve as a resource for the community through partnerships forged within the community.

• Holistic Worship Experience- To provide a holistic worship experience through multiple facets of ministry, to the young, middle aged and senior citizens within our community.

• Categories

• Outreach Ministries
Van Ministry
Prison/Jail Ministry
Nursing Home Ministry
Street Ministry
Tent Revival Ministry
Radio Broadcast Ministry
Television Ministry “A Taste of Glory”

• Security Ministries
Security Team
Armor Bearers
Hospitality Committee

• Administrative Ministries
Church Secretary
Church Financial Personnel

• Committees & Boards
Founders Committee
Executive Board
Deacon Board
Mother Board

• Services/Classes
Keepers of the Flame (Leadership Class)
Daughters of Zion (Women Empowerment)
Sons of Thunder (Men Empowerment)
Little Mustard Seed (Children Empowerment)
Basic Bible Study
New Members Class
Tuesday Night Intercessory Prayer Team
Friday Night Ablaze
Revivals, Seminars, Conferences, etc
Children’s Nursery
Pastoral & Eldership Class

• Musical Arts
Dance Team
Mime Team
Adult Choir
Youth Choir

• Technology Team
Sound Room
Camera Team

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