The Glory: Manifest Presence of God

Jesus Baptized

Experiencing the glory of God. Moses prayed, God show me your glory and David tells that God’s glory will fill the earth. Let your glory fill our life oh Lord.

The Glory Revealed in Worship…Human Hearts Touching God’s Heart

The glory of God revealed to our hearts in the most powerful way leads us into worship. No one can stand in the manifested presence of God without reverencing and being in awe which leads to a heart bowed in worship. Conversely, it is also true that as we choose to worship God in spirit and in truth, God reveals his glory to us in that place of worship.

As we have seen in the life of Moses when he encountered the burning bush in the desert and heard the voice of God calling to him, he worshiped there on that holy ground. God desires to reveal his glory to hungry hearts.

Jews and Gentiles now have access to God in Christ (Eph. 2:18). Entrance within the veil and boldness to do so is made possible by the blood of Jesus.

The glory of God that dwelt with his people in the Old Testament tabernacles and temples had chosen to become incarnated in the son of God so that we could more perfectly relate to the glory of God. There is no adequate expression for experiencing the glory of God. It simply requires all of our might and strength to release the joy that consumes our being when the glory of God touches our hearts.

Worship is the appropriate response to the glory of God.

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