Introduction of Pastors

Apostle Frederick Best

At the early age of 5 to 7 years old, Apostle Frederick Best experienced the hand of God in his life through dreams and visions. At age 11 his mom would leave for work and would leave him home with his 10 siblings to be their watch care. It wasn’t until age 19 that Apostle Best really understood this divine watch care. As a child, Apostle Best and his siblings ended up in foster care. For seven years he fought the court system and got custody of his ten siblings. Apostle Best sat under his Pastor, Apostle Ruth Peterson. He traveled internationally preaching the gospel. Apostle Best attended Christian Life School of Theology were he holds his second Master degree of Theology and Doctorate in Divinity from Crossroad Bible College. He was ordained May 2, 1999, became the founder and Senior Pastor of Unveiling Glory in Worship Ministry on July 27, 2001. He was licensed as a Pastoral Counselor Sept. 15, 2006, and received a Doctorate of Education on Oct. 10, 2007. On September 27, 2012, he was ordained as a Bishop and is now the Dean of Grace Bible College. Apostle Best has pioneered numerous outreach ministries. He was husband to the late Elect Lady Constance Best and the father of Prince Frederick Best. Apostle Best can be heard on ”A Taste of Glory” radio broadcast on the Promise station Monday through Friday at 12 noon on 97.9 FM and 1570 AM. He has touched millions of lives via television, social networking sites, and the web.  Unveiling Glory in Worship Ministry is an exciting and diverse ministry. Apostle Best is the author of the book “They Said I Wouldn’t Make It”.

Pastor Joseph Carroll


Only God knows the plans of a man, and he knows the way that we take. From the start of life Pastor Joseph Carroll Jr. as well as his family life was unusually different from most families. Pastor Joseph is the thirteenth child out of fifteen and one of his brothers was born with a rare birth defect causes by a drug called thalidomide. In 1979 pastor Joseph’s older siblings was placed into foster care. And from birth in 1981 through a family visit, pastor Joseph’s mother brought him into the family visitation room and placed him in the lap of his physically challenged brother. And she told his physically challenged brother, I had this child for you. And at the end of that visit pastor and his brother’s pathway did not cross again until 1991. Pastor Joseph life was commended at the age of ten years old. He graduated from Ayden-Grifton High School in 2000. He also attended Pitt Community College for early childhood psychology, and later transferred his school of learning to Christian Life School of Theology and Cross Road Bible College where he now holds a Bachelor Degree Of Theology. In 2008 he became the youth pastor of Unveiling Glory in Worship Ministry. He has traveled international to Jamaica and England for missionary work. In 2012 he was ordained as the Assistant Pastor of Unveiling Glory in Worship Ministry. He also met the love of his life Christy, and they were married May 12, 2012. That baby Joseph Carroll Jr. who was placed into his brother’s lap is now standing like Joshua with Moses fulfilling the will of God for their life.


Some of our Ministering Team


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